Building a Pallet Shed – Part 1

Since the beginning of time, Man has yearned to tend his own garden, plough his own fields, and build his own shed made from discarded pallets. But since I live in London I’m… Continue reading

The Mystery of the Laff Box

Canned laughter is today thought of as a cheesy, old fashioned way to generate artificial mirth from the audience, and to highlight when a joke was meant to be hilarious (in-case the audience… Continue reading

An angry bear speaks!

I’ve recently brought one of my old cartoon characters out of retirement and have been creating new material for him. If you like jaded and angry fictional bears, please check him out

Homemade Eraserhead Baby

I recently saw David Lynch’s Eraserhead for the first time, and whilst I thought the film was a very interesting and atmospheric production, what caught my attention the most was the baby. The… Continue reading

Shen Shaomin – The Scary Bones

Like most people I have a wholesome interest in horrific genetic mutations. A cat with one head is fine, but show me a cat with three or even better four heads, and you’ve… Continue reading

The Dazzle Ships

During the 1st World War, naval engineers were constantly trying to develop ways to conceal their mighty battle ships when they were out at sea. One way devised by Norman Wilkinson was to… Continue reading

The Principality of Sealand

You may not be aware of it, but there is a small principality just 6 miles off the coast of Suffolk, England. You might not have heard of it because the UK government… Continue reading

Phil Spector – The Troubled Genius of Pop Production – Part 4

After the death of John Lennon, Spector retreated to his mansion and spent the majority of the 80’s as a recluse, rarely seen and spending most of his time indoors. In 1982, Spector… Continue reading

Review: Hop Farm Festival 2012

The Hop Farm Festival is an annual musical event held in The Hop Farm Country Park in Kent. Founded in 2008 by Vince Power, the festival has a back to basics policy, with… Continue reading

The Faded Romance of Margate

“Everyday is like Sunday, everyday is silent and grey” So sang the eternal miserablist Morrissey on his debut solo album Viva Hate. In this widescreen, cinematic anti-love song he depicts a visit to… Continue reading