Burnham Beeches Nature Reserve

Located in Buckinghamshire to the west of London, this wonderous woodland nature reserve is quite literally miles away from the urban nightmare of our fair capital. There are trees there of many varying sizes, featuring leaves, moss too,and if you’re really lucky you may even step onto a mighty wood ant hive, and be greeted by thousands of little ants saying “Welcome” in the only way they know how.

Large expanses of heath stand proudly beside the more tree based areas, but if boggy marshland is more your cup of tea, my friend, you will not be dissapointed. Why, I myself ventured into said bog and  I can tell you that it made quite a delightful experience. My girlfriend hated it though, but I fail to see what that has to do with anything and will mention it no more.

Wildlife here that I saw includes ants, lots of dogs, a baby frog I held in the palm of my hand whilst in the bog, I’m also pretty sure I saw a woodpecker in flight. But the best animal has to be the delightful Forest Cow they have there, grazing amongst the bushes and the bramble, emitting an occasional moo once every 5 minutes. Quite something.

What I’m trying to say if you haven’t realised yet, is that you really should go to Burnham Beeches. It’s tranquil, large enough to get lost in (and believe me, we did), full of wildlife and just what you need if you fancy a day out away from it all.

“It all” being London.



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