Tate Modern – Works that caught my eye

Recently I went on a busy, bank holiday trip to the Tate Modern with the missus to see for myself just what a great white shark looks like close up.

That bright idea was soon extinguished as it became apparent we would have to pay £15.50(each!)  for the pleasure. I wasn’t that keen.

I will now have to see a great white in it’s natural environment, when I next visit Australia and persuade one of the cranky old fishermen to use me as bait so I can get a better look.

As we were in the Tate though, we had a quick look around at the (free) exhibitions. I took some pictures of my faves. See:

‘Inland Australia’

Inland Australia 1950 by Sir Sidney Nolan

In 1948 Nolan traveled to the remotest parts of Australia. He was profoundly affected by the vast scale, desolation and silence of the desert – the second largest in the world.

Staircase-III 2010 by Do Ho Suh

My favorite piece and one of the most striking I saw there. It comes down from a bed of red polyester covering the ceiling, lit up by lights it casts a pink glow over the whole room. It seems to be an inverted section of a staircase and balcony,including a lightswitch. Probably about death or summat.

‘Deatho Knocko’

Deatho Knocko 1982 by Gilbert and George

Made from large shiny tiles, another imposing piece. I liked the spiders.

Blue Purple Tilt 2007 by Jenny Holzer

The most visual artwork I saw was this bright neon, message dispenser. Various platitudes and phrases scroll down in bright white light on a neon pink and blue backdrop. It made me have a vision of a dark, technological future; where people gather around their neon God and study the words and messages that it delivers. Probably written by a cyborg Mark Zuckerberg.

Self Portrait 1967 – Andy Warhol

Nuff said.

The last image I found interesting was not in the gallery, it was in the gift shop. This book had a scary bear on the front, standing in a brightly lit building. Slightly Donnie Darko-esque eh? Chilling.

2 thoughts on “Tate Modern – Works that caught my eye

  1. Yeh I was in the Tate mdern a month or so ago and took some photos of the Red staircase—also my favourite piece….I don’t kow why…it’s just clever and funny and makes you look up….!

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