Homemade Eraserhead Baby

I recently saw David Lynch’s Eraserhead for the first time, and whilst I thought the film was a very interesting and atmospheric production, what caught my attention the most was the baby. The strange, inhuman creature wrapped up in bandages seemed incredibly lifelike, the special effects used must have been very complicated to get such a realistic result.

Having looked up how the baby was made I then found that Lynch has refused to divulge the secrets of his creation, no doubt to retain the mystery and intrigue. This insistence on keeping the secret has caused rumors to surface, such as the now infamous suggestion that the creature was in fact a calf fetus, either kept alive for filming or manipulated to appear living. This seems just to0 grotesque to be true, and I read that someone looked up what a calf fetus looked like, and saw that they are nothing alike. I took their word for that.

I decided to make my own version of the baby, especially for a David Lynch themed night in London called The Black Lodge, where I also DJ (great night by the way, come down if you like Lynchy weirdness). Using a polystyrene ball with a pen stuck in at one end, I then wrapped some moddeling clay around it to create the basic shape of the head. I then molded it to create the face and used a kitchen spray wrapped in bandages for the body. I am quite happy with the result, and it went down very well at the night.

Eraserhead baby 2013-04-12 16.28.49 2013-04-12 16.47.20 2013-04-12 16.47.51 2013-04-12 16.47.58

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